When Snakebite opened back in 1996, it was the first piercing studio in Dublin city. So it's safe to say 23 years later, that we really know and love piercing. All the piercings are performed by Stephen using single use needles. We only put surgical grade titanium jewellery into fresh piercings to ensure your piercing heals comfortably, safely and quickly for you. We also stock a range of jewellery suitable for healed piercings. This includes more ornate pieces or pieces made of different materials.  
Our piercing price list can be found here.
10% discount for 3rd level students and on your birthday, with ID. 10% discount for the unemployed .
If you have any piercing enquiries, whether its about the piercing process or which piercings we do, please get in touch.

A link to photos of Stephen's work can be found below.